“I greatly value the quality and depth of information at the BHRT Symposiums. I have attended three symposiums and plan to attend more to stay up on the latest clinical developments in BHRT.” 

– Michael J Grossman, MD, BodylogicMD of Irvine, California



“Dr. Hertoghe presents unique data regarding hormonal co-factors for many conditions and symptoms–very useful.” 
– Harvey S. Bartnof, MD, Founder-Medical Director;
California Longevity & Vitality Medical Institute San Francisco, California


“I have attended the BHRT Symposium educational seminars for the past 7 years. I come home having learned something new each time. The speakers provide up-to-date information on bio-identical hormone therapy and give you the tools to take back to your practice on Monday morning. BHRT Symposium has shown unwavering dedication in providing current information to all providers, for safe and effective alternatives to the management of hormone deficiencies.” 
– Kris Hart RN-C, FNP, San Diego, California


“As a psychiatrist I treat people with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including addictions. BHRT Symposium has helped me get back to good basic medicine by considering the differential diagnosis to rule/out or rule/in physical, hormonal or nutritional imbalances. I then replenish what’s needed and the results have been absolutely nothing short of astounding. I love treating the underlying issues, rather than merely each symptom. My patients are the real winners in this. Anti-Aging is NOT just for staying young!!! It’s about returning to good, basic medical practice.” 
– Suzie Schuder, MD, Orange County, California


“I feel that I am a good internist. After 3 days at the BHRT Symposium I had to go back and completely change the way I practice medicine by incorporating BHRT.” 
– Steve Bajo, MD, Reno, Nevada


“Working in the field of advanced preventative and anti-aging medicine requires one to have an excellent resource of sound scientific education with clinically relevant teaching provided by recognized leaders in the field. This conference is one of the best organized educational forums that I have attended in my career. The education provided is focused on clinically relevant material to optimize the highest level of care that you can provide in this field of medicine.” 
– Jack Anstandig, MD, Board Certified Neurology, Board Certified Anti-Aging Medicine, BodyLogicMD, Las Vegas, NV


“Doctor Khalid Mahmud, a Board Certified Oncologist, may be one of the best lectures I have seen in the BHRT Symposiums in over 15 years. His expertise in Breast Cancer prevention and ability to calm the fears of cancer using BHRT, has been a highlight over the years of symposiums.” 
– Joe Grasela, Compounding Pharmacist,
Owner of University Compounding Pharmacy, San Diego, California


“As a Board Certified Physician in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, I have attended many Bio-identical Hormone Therapy conferences. One of the most informative and practical conferences I have attended to date is the Advanced BHRT seminar featuring Dr. Thierry Hertoghe. The conference provided timely, provocative and relevant information important for my clinical practice. I am grateful to BHRT Symposium for helping to make me be a better clinician! I look forward to attending future conferences and would highly recommend your conferences to my peers.”
– Melinda Silva, MD


“Lately there has been a lot of talk and excitement about bio-identical hormones [including recommendations from Suzanne Somers]. However, one can give bio-identical hormones and end up with complications. It is important to know how to administer these hormones and how to monitor the program on an on going basis, to be effective and safe. The attendees in your program would get all the necessary information to be able to do so.“
– Khalid Mahmud MD, Minneapolis, MN