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Hormones play a significant role in addressing immunocompetency and lifespan. From the association between the endothelial glycocalyx and vascular health, the impact of immune factors on cardiovascular disease in female patients, the role of hormones in cognition, and much more, understanding the specific impacts of hormone health on the immune system will have significant implications to your approach to clinical care.


Through this cutting-edge, interactive workshop, learn how to wield this critical relationship to improve immunocompetency and thus expand patient healthspan.

What your peers are saying

“I greatly value the quality and depth of information at the BHRT Symposiums. I have attended three symposiums and plan to attend more to stay up on the latest clinical developments in BHRT.” 

Michael J Grossman, MD
BodylogicMD of Irvine

“I feel that I am a good internist. After 3 days at the BHRT Symposium I had to go back and completely change the way I practice medicine by incorporating BHRT.” 

Steve Bajo, MD
Reno, Nevada

“As a psychiatrist I treat people with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including addictions. BHRT Symposium has helped me get back to good basic medicine by considering the differential diagnosis to rule/out or rule/in physical, hormonal or nutritional imbalances.” 

Suzie Schuder, MD
Orange County, California