Delivering Sustained Wellness

At the very root of Anti-Aging medicine lies the firm belief that a clinician’s role is to not merely help patients live longer, but to live more satisfying lives throughout the entirety of the aging process.  As a cornerstone within the practice of Anti-Aging and integrative medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy serves as a key tool in allowing patients to maintain full and healthy lives regardless of age.

Grounded in the most recent and well-supported research, the upcoming BHRT Symposium will provide in-depth knowledge on the relationship between hormones and overall health, and identify effective ways in which clinicians can wield effective tools such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to treat a variety of conditions. Through a diverse and engaging array of sessions and Q&A discussions, participants will complete the symposium equipped to properly implement this emerging and in-demand treatment option to relieve, and even prevent, unwanted aging symptoms.

What your peers are saying

“I greatly value the quality and depth of information at the BHRT Symposiums. I have attended three symposiums and plan to attend more to stay up on the latest clinical developments in BHRT.” 

Michael J Grossman, MD
BodylogicMD of Irvine

“I feel that I am a good internist. After 3 days at the BHRT Symposium I had to go back and completely change the way I practice medicine by incorporating BHRT.” 

Steve Bajo, MD
Reno, Nevada

“As a psychiatrist I treat people with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including addictions. BHRT Symposium has helped me get back to good basic medicine by considering the differential diagnosis to rule/out or rule/in physical, hormonal or nutritional imbalances.” 

Suzie Schuder, MD
Orange County, California